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Features :
Fidall allows you to save your loyalty card numbers on your mobile so that you always have them with you. You can sign up for a certain number of new schemes and on some cards you can check your points balance.
You can check out where your favorite stores are on a map.

Getting started :
First open an account by filling in the sign-up form. 
This will give you access to all Fidall services and also allows you to use the backup feature if you lose your mobile or if it is stolen. The next step is to save your loyalty cards by clicking add on the left hand side of the customer screen. Cards are listed by category or in alphabetical order: select one of the cards from the list. Scroll down and select the card you require. You only need to enter your first and last name once. 

Finally, you must enter the card number. To save it, clicks confirm.
Important: you must enter the exact number of figures indicated on your card.

All of your cards are automatically listed on your mobile. You can delete a card from your mobile by simply sliding it from left to right.

Signing up :
You can also sign up for a certain number of loyalty schemes if you do not yet have the card. To do this, simply click on the sign up button when available.
Fidall ensures that your details are sent to the store you selected and you then receive your loyalty card number.
When you sign up for Fidall's virtual loyalty card, you receive promotional offers and special deals other than those you are eligible for with your loyalty card.

Points balance :
Finally, you may configure a certain number of cards to be able to consult the balance directly on your mobile. Click on the balance button when available and enter the login details and passwords provided by the store.

If you have forgotten them, ask your store to send them to you.
Your points balances can also be checked directly on your mobile.

Best deals :
From time to time, Fidall sends you details of special offers and best deals currently available with your loyalty cards.
You can display these offers and also delete them by simply selecting them before they are automatically removed on expiry.

Blank cards :
If one of your cards is not listed in the catalogue, you can create a new one using the blank button on your iPhone. 
You simply enter the name of the store, and if you wish,  you can take a photo of your loyalty card and assign this image to the card.

Scanning barcodes :
Some barcode readers are too obsolete to enable direct scanning on the iPhone so you may need to enter the card number manually.
The rewards offered by each loyalty card are provided for information purposes only and stores may modify them at any moment.



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