Des avantages exclusifs

Exclusive advantages

Fidall allow you to receive in your mobile promotions and special offers by email dedicated to your loyalty cards throughout the year.

The service

Fidall sends you details about special deals that fit your needs exactly since they are linked exclusively to your loyalty cards.

Fidall's aim is not to send you thousands of offers based simply on your geographical location. On the contrary, it limits the number of special offers and best deals you receive.

How it works

You receive promotional offers that correspond to the cards you have stored on Fidall.

Each offer you receive has a validity period and will be removed automatically when it expires. You can also delete it directly whenever you wish.

If you require a broader range of offers, you can always "sign up" automatically for Fidall's virtual loyalty card. This card enables you to receive a more generic range of offers, but only if it is what you want.

To benefit from offers on your cards, simply follow the instructions or show the cashier the promotional code or scan the barcode at the checkout.



Laur√©at du French Start Up 
award 2014

startup academie

english startup academy


Strategy distinction

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