Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fidall site used for?

Fidall allows you to save your loyalty card numbers and sign up for new cards and store them on your mobile phone. Fidall also enables you to receive special offers and best deals available on the loyalty cards you stored on your mobile.

How can I benefit from Fidall's services?

To access the Fidall app, all you need to do is open a free account to register. Then download the application version required for your mobile phone.

Is it better to save my loyalty cards using my mobile or by logging in to my account on the Fidall website?

You can save your loyalty cards either on your mobile or on your Internet account: Fidall automatically syncs both of them.

What should I do if have a loyalty card which is not displayed in my account?

It may be that Fidall has not yet included a certain number of loyalty programs in its catalogue. If this is the case, you can create a "blank" card and assign the name of your choice.

Can I suggest new cards?

You can indeed propose new cards by taking a photo of your card using the best possible quality and definition. Take photos of both sides and send them to contact (@) fidall.com. Of course, we will erase any personal details before publishing. This ensures that it is available as soon as possible on the Fidall app.

How long does it take for a new loyalty program membership to come into effect?

As soon as you send your request, Fidall immediately transfers the information needed to create your loyalty card. It then depends on which store you selected. Some stores can create your card immediately, whereas others will take a little longer.

Can I sign up for a loyalty card using my mobile phone?

Yes you can, but only after you have registered for free membership with Fidall on the sign-up page.

Why is it that I can't sign up for a certain number of loyalty cards from my Fidall account?

It may be that Fidall has not yet signed a partnership agreement with a certain number of stores and this prevents you from signing up automatically. Or it may simply be that the store cannot handle such a request for technical reasons.

When I sign up on line, do I still receive my plastic loyalty cards?

This depends on the store. Some will choose to offer only a paperless version of this new card, whereas others will nonetheless send you a plastic version.

What do I need to do to consult my loyalty points’ balance on my Fidall account?

All you need to do is to enter the login details and password that you created when you subscribed to the program on the store's website.
If you signed up for a loyalty program using your Fidall account, the balance is displayed automatically.

Why can't I consult certain points balances using my Fidall account?

It may be that Fidall has not yet signed a partnership agreement with certain stores and this prevents you from consulting your points balance. Or it may simply be that the store cannot handle such a request for technical reasons.

Why am I not receiving any best deals?

Fidall's policy is to send you only the offers corresponding to your loyalty cards and on an ad hoc basis. Sometimes stores have no offers to send to you.

Why can the store’s scanner not read some barcodes?

Some scanners are too obsolete and cannot read mobile phone screens. In this case, the cashier simply enters the card number manually.
In major retail stores such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and so on, cashiers do not read mobile phone screens using the fixed readers in front of them, but rather they use their handheld readers that are usually used to scan bulky items.



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