Fidall mobile app

Because the majority of stores offers a loyalty card and it is impossible to carry all always with you, Fidall is the free solution that allows you to have all your loyalty cards always on you, by finding them in your mobile phone : iPhone and Android Phone.

How it works ?

With the Fidall mobile app, store loyalty cards on your mobile so you always have them with you.

Fidall’s location feature provides a map indicating all stores that accept one of your loyalty cards. In that way you never miss out on their special offers.

In addition, Fidall's mobile app lets you sign up automatically in just one click to get new loyalty cards on your mobile phone!

With Fidall, check your points or miles balance on a selection of loyalty cards from a single interface.

Finally, Fidall sends you details of best deals and special offers currently available on your loyalty cards. You get fewer offers, but they are more attractive.

To download the application for free, click here for an iPhone, or here for Android mobiles or to simply get started, sign up here.

The information you enter on your personal account page on the website will be automatically sent to the mobile application (and vice-versa). This way, your data is always backed up.



Lauréat du French Start Up 
award 2014

startup academie

english startup academy


Strategy distinction

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